New Game: Monoblackjackopolypoker

This game combines the best aspects of Monopoly, Blackjack and No Limit Hold’em Poker for a night of fun amongst friends, gamblers and poker players. I’ve played it for the first time this week and can vouch for the fact that it’s one of the most amazing games ever invented! It’s the fun of poker, the pain of losing money, the joy of taking your friend’s money without the seriousness of a poker night!

Monoblackjackopolypoker photo by Pieter D. Monoblackjackopolypoker Board photo by Pieter D.

These photos were taken by Pieter D. and we have permission to share them here with the world. Want to use them on your site? Feel free to do so!


Pocket Jacks and Poker Health

Loads of poker players complain their lifestyle is killing them – and a couple bananas can undo a lot of the damage Pocket Jacks do to your health (if you don’t flop a set of jacks, obviously)!

Banana Poker Pocket Jacks

A3 of Spades, Ace of Spades – 3 of Spades

A true suited ace rag. Big black ace of spades, small suited trey – perfect for making a nut flush – but that’s about it…

Online Gambling and Poker

Combining PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker – and online casino gambling. This is what a REAL high roller’s desktop looks like. RAISE THE STAKES, HOMIES!

Online Gambling and Poker

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Bad Starting Hand Hitting The Muck

Got Seven Deuce again? Third time in a row you’ve been dealt Five Seven Off Suit? Throw your hand in the muck – or lose cash money!

Bad Starting Hand Hitting The Muck

Pocket Deuces, Ducks

A stack of chips and cash money combined with the smallest of pocket pairs – the ducks (the most common nickname for pocket deuces).

Pocket Deuces

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Beware – set over set danger! :)

Chip Shuffle Chip Trick

A very basic chip trick for poker players – perfectly executed by yours truly.

Chip Shuffle Chip Trick

Poker played live is good for photo opportunities, but suitable tournaments in your area may be few and far between. Online poker is often the most accessible way to enjoy the game, found on sites like It is also a safe way in for a complete poker beginner, as you can just click the window away when you’ve had enough, and controlling money use is easier when you can’t throw cash at the screen. You just need to stick to a few simple rules and you will always avoid any possible traps such as loss chasing and churning.

Ace Ten of Diamonds

AdTd, Ace Ten of Diamonds – 40% of a Royal Flush – so that’s good! :)

Ace Ten of Diamonds

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Pokerstars: Aces vs Aces

Pokerstars, Pokerstars Aces vs Aces, Pocket Aces, Aces, Pocket Pair, Online Poker, Internet Poker, Poker

Pokerstars, Pokerstars Aces vs Aces, Pocket Aces, Aces, Pocket Pair, Online Poker, Internet Poker, Poker

PKR Online Poker Room

PKR Online Poker

PKR, Online Poker, Online Poker Room, Poker